My favourite essays, handpicked with love:

Going remote: a live documentation on transitioning out of the office

Last week, I started the process of transitioning from an on-site position to a full remote one. I'll publicly document what happens as it happens here. Interested in remote working? Join in!

Don't sell yourself short

You've just graduated from university. Maybe you're in your first two years as a developer. You are, what the market calls, a junior developer. And you're a burden to companies. That's what you're being told. Well, this is bullshit.

Working with tempfiles

A while back, I needed to create XML files, send them to a distant server and delete them once the transfer completed. This is when I discovered Tempfiles and rejoiced in using Ruby.

A beginners' introduction to Ruby classes and objects

When you start learning Ruby, you often hear that everything is - or evaluates as - an object. Here's an introduction for junior developers who want to get the gist of objects and classes in Ruby.

How to use railway-oriented business transactions to unclutter your Rails controllers

When your Rails app needs to handle multiple steps, your controllers' methods can become a mess. Let's see how to Marie-Kondo them with dry-transaction

Own your story

When you put yourself out there, you get attention. Some of it is enjoyable. Some of it, not so much. It's not easy to keep your story straight.

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