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Life After Bootcamp: Always Be Shipping

Last week was the 9th and final week of my Ruby on Rails Bootcamp at Le Wagon Paris. My buddies and I - from the batches 145 and 146 - showed to the public what could be shipped in two weeks. A lot of great projects stood out that night - whether for their overall classiness or their technical challenges. On top of my head, I really dug Potify, Recll, Diggerz, Storymap and Kbuddy. I was very happy about the final release of Harry. Antoine, Laura and Giovanni made it a very cool project to work on. Kudos to you all!

It was an exciting night worthy of those exciting nine weeks.

But now, it’s Monday morning. The excitement has worn off over the weekend, the many naps and the odd drinks. What shall I do?

⛵️Always. Be. Shipping.

Being at Le Wagon was like getting into Hogwarts. I realized I could wave my fingers around my keyboard and make things appeared at will! There’s no way I’m going back to the Muggles.

So for the next two months, I’ll build an app a week and go back to some basic training (remember the Karate Kid? Well, the same but with more programming and less painting fences).

☝️ Note: This is an ongoing post so I’ll update my progress as I go, mostly depending on suggestions, whims…

Jot it. Do it. Strike it.

A public to-do app

Status: Done ✅

Let’s go back to the fundamentals of the CRUD for a moment.

Strike It App

Basic features:

Nice to have:

It’ll be good to go back to the routes. And I’ll finally be able to set up myself Devise and Pundit.

Strike it V0.1 is now live. You can check it out and try it out yourself. 🚀

It has taken me ten days to ship it. And it still needs some work (especially that multi-step sign-up form that start from the homepage 🤔).


Real-time coding challenges

Status: To-do

Some of my buddies presented Code and Drink, a coding challenges platform where multiple players can try and outsmart each other. I found the idea of coding challenges to be an interesting use of ActionCable.

Basic features:

App ideas backlog

Back to basics

Learning the basics of programming

Status: Doing 🔥

Check the batch 145 demo day