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Pick a standard and move on

Let me tell you about what my day looks like in a codebase with no standards, no conventions, and no processes in place.

Every time I work on a new API endpoint, I wonder about:

Are you getting bored already? I know I am! And I did not even talk about models, service objects, jobs, serializers, or configuration.

These few questions are the thoughts that go through my brain before I can start working on my feature when there are no standards.

Not picking a standard or a convention results in me having to think about unimportant matters, over and over.

Add people to your team, and the cognitive load will grow exponentially. People will wonder when they could ship. Your pull requests will turn into an endless quagmire of opinions when they should be readable documentation.

So, in the name of our collective cognitive overload, pick a standard already!

Pick whichever you want - it does not matter - and focus on core work.

Some standards and conventions I’m currently working on:

A lot of these standards are Ruby on Rails conventions.

They’re not even my opinions. Because my opinion about which standard is best is not important. But picking a standard - any standard - is.

Pick a standard, so everyone on your team can leave the wondering behind and start shipping.


Rémi - @remi@ruby.social