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Career Growth

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Growing old as a programmer

I’ll be turning 40 this year, and I’ve started to wonder about my professional life in the next two decades. Not a lot of 60-year-old developers, hey?

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Technical tests in 2023: were they any good?

As I'm reaching the end of this recruiting cycle, I wanted to reflect on the recruiting processes I've completed. Some were good, some not so much.

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Looking for a job: handling fatigue and loneliness

Today, I would like to try something different. No polished new entries, just me sharing my day-to-day looking for a new job.

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From stained-glass master to software engineer: it starts with a mess

Changing careers is a long, often-overlooked process. But I want to share both the (linear) story and the (messy) history of how I became a software engineer. And as a lot of good stories, mine always starts with a lie.

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Always serving someone

It's easy to tell yourself it's not your job to provide a great service to your users. But taking time to write beautiful code will bring joy and value to you and your teammates.

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Going remote: a live documentation on transitioning out of the office

Last week, I started the process of transitioning from an on-site position to a full remote one. I'll publicly document what happens as it happens here. Interested in remote working? Join in!

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Don't sell yourself short

You've just graduated from university. Maybe you're in your first two years as a developer. You are, what the market calls, a junior developer. And you're a burden to companies. That's what you're being told. Well, this is bullshit.

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2019 - a year in review

Well, here we are. December has come and gone. Now is the time to look back on what happened last year: a lot of writing and becoming a Real Developer™.

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The violence within

Our mainstream work culture cultivates systemic violence: bullying, constant competition, sexism, etc. You name it. What if talking about could empower and protect us?

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Own your story

When you put yourself out there, you get attention. Some of it is enjoyable. Some of it, not so much. It's not easy to keep your story straight.

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#TIL: a daily recap of my first two months as a Ruby on Rails developer

From early April to early June, I attended Le Wagon Paris' fullstack coding bootcamp. Each day, I shared what I'd learned on Twitter. Wanna know what it feels like to dive into coding for 2 months for the first time?

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