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Debugging tutorials

Hello, fellow debuggers and troubleshooters. Looking for my posts and tutorials about debugging your applications? You've come to the right place!

This is where I gather all the blog's entries about debugging whether you're a puts developer or using a debugger like pry-byebug. There are currently 3 posts in this series.

Introduction to Git Bisect: travel through time and bugs

No matter how thorough your test coverage is, you can't test everything. So when you introduce a bug in your application, git bisect will help you zero in on your regression's origin.

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Debugging with pry-byebug: moving in the stack frame

Time to level up your debugging game with frames, adding breakpoints on the fly, and some handy shortcuts.

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A hands-on tutorial to debugging your code with pry-byebug

Like most new developers, I started as a puts developer. Then, I discovered pry-byebug and debugging things got a lot easier. This is a beginner-level, hands-on, introduction to debbuging your code with pry-byebug. Behold the power of binding.pry!

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