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Hello, fellow RSpec tester. Looking for my RSpec posts and tutorials? You've come to the right place!

This is where I gather all the blog's entries about Rspec. There are currently 4 posts about RSpec in this series.

How to test your Rails models with RSpec

Today, I want to share how to test your Rails models with RSpec. Testing your models is a no-brainer strategy when building your applications. It gives you the confidence to make changes without regressions. We'll cover the fundamental testing strategies with RSpec's built-in features. And for fun, we'll check some extra tools to amp up your models' coverage.

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Introduction to RSpec: the syntax

In this second part of my introduction to RSpec, I want to focus on the syntax. Here's a glossary of the keywords you'll use the most when testing with RSpec: describe, subject, let vs let!, it, context, etc...

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An introduction to RSpec: how to install RSpec, naming convention and basic files structure

When you start programming, it's not easy to know what to test, how to test, and why should you test? So let's start with an introduction to RSpec: how to install RSpec, RSpec naming convention and and RSpec files structure.

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Testing railway-oriented business transactions with Rspec

Railway-oriented business transactions are a great way to unclutter your Rails controllers. But how should we test them? Let's get down to it.

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