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Hello, fellow RSpec tester. Looking for my RSpec posts and tutorials? You've come to the right place!

This is where I gather all the blog's entries about Rspec. There are currently 3 posts about RSpec in this series.

RSpec fundamentals: a basic glossary

RSpec syntax can be tricky to get at first. Here's a glossary of the keywords you'll use the most when testing with RSpec: describe, subject, let vs let!, it, context, etc...

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RSpec fundamentals: setup, naming and basic structure

When you start programming, it's not easy to know what to test, how to test, and why should you test? So let's start with the basics: a basic setup and exploring your tests structure.

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Testing railway-oriented business transactions with Rspec

Railway-oriented business transactions are a great way to unclutter your Rails controllers. But how should we test them? Let's get down to it.

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