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📝 My User Manual

Hey there,

Welcome to my user manual! I’ve written it to help coworkers get to know how I work, and my quirks. This document is a work-in-progress (obviously).

First version written on .

My role at #{your_organisation}

My official titles usually are “back-end developer”, “software engineer” or “fullstack developer”.

I’m here to translate business needs into code. This follows two main paths:

What I value

My style

What I need to improve, work-wise

Best way to communicate with me

I prefer asynchronous communication. Here’s a breakdown:

I check my emails once a week, so if you send me something urgent there, please ping me on Slack.

Please, never call/text me on my phone. The only exception being:

Most notifications are either turned off or muted on my machine. When I read your message, I’ll mark it with a “memo” emoji (📝) so you know I’m not ghosting you. If you need more from me, I’ll get back to you whenever I’m done with my current task. Focus is my main priority.

Working hours

How I give feedback

How I like to receive feedback

Last, I know radical honesty is a thing in tech. I think it’s a fancy term coined by toxic men who don’t want to be bothered learning empathy. Explict feedback, yes. Being a jerk, no.

What I have zero patience for

What people misunderstand about me

I’m not a corporate person AT ALL. I believe in a job well done, in being nice to other people, etc.

What I don’t believe in are “grand mission” statements, motivational posters and the usual tech brouhaha.

I have strong boundaries around work. This will pass as being Not Engaged Enough™ but let me assure you:

Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano.

Topics I’m always happy to talk about

You won’t shut me up about hiking, climbing, cooking, raising kiddos, pour-over coffee nerdism.

I can also be quite a bore when it comes to art history - specifically stained-glass, medieval churches and Roman mosaics.

Other things you might want to know:

Morning coffee