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Keep your finger on the pulse with RSS

I haven’t been around the web for a very long time, but even I can remember when websites were ever-evolving places, and their (fucking) webmasters were breathing life into them.

Then social media took off, and the hustle and bustle of those websites died. Like malls killing life in city centers, social media platforms turned these lively corners of the web into glum ones.

This why I love websites that send out a pulse:

What I love about these three people/websites is that they still feel fresh and dashing. They’re interesting. They spark ideas and discoveries. And they’re as far as corporate wishy-washy “content” as possible.

So I thought, why not give our websites their life back? Let’s publish raw material and ditch the it-has-to-be-perfect-before-its-published nonsense. Let’s make our websites less focused, less polished, more surprising, or in a word, more alive.

Even though I want to stay out of social media toxicity, I still want to share stuff with people. Leave a breadcrumb trail of what I’m doing, and what I’ve loved over time.

So, I’ve enabled RSS so you can now get the latests scribbles and posts sent directly to you (if you want it).