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About Rémi

👋 Hi, my name is Remi Mercier (ray · me · mercy · 'ey ).

Without further ado, here are a few things you might want to know about me.


That’s it for now. Want to know more? Here’s what I’m doing right now and some kind of resume down there 👇.

What have I done these past few years?

Work things:

👉 Fullstack developer: Hosman, 2019-2020 I designed, coded, and shiped to production https://hosman.co, an app to streamline real estate transactions.

Some cool features:

Those save the sales team more than 5,000 hours per annum in terms of workload (as of 2020).

👉 Teacher: Le Wagon Paris, 2018 Helping out students coding their way through the first four weeks of the coding bootcamp:

Some alumnis' opinions:
Remi is a great Teaching Assistant! He is kind, patient, pedagogue and dedicated. Cécile - batch 200
Rémi is really nice. He'll not only helping code through your task, he'll explain the notions to you in your own way. One of my favourite Teaching Assistant. Grégoire - batch 220
Remi was a great tutor - always in good spirits and with lots of helpful tips! Esther - batch 220
Remi was one of the funniest, most motivating and most efficient Teaching Assistants I had. Louis - batch 177

👉 Lead Generation Manager: OpenDataSoft, 2014-2018 OpenDataSoft is a B2B SaaS that allows non-technical users to turn structured data into REST APIs and visualizations.

👉 Digital Marketing Consultant: RMMRCR, 2012-2014 Focused on strategies to create and leverage content across social media for grassroot organizations. Specialized in infographics explaining complex subjects such as the Common Agricultural Policy.

Education stuff:

👉 Fullstack Development Bootcamp (Batch #145): Le Wagon Paris, 2018 9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES2015, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails. Designed, Implemented and Shipped to production a clone of AirBnB and a Rails prototype of harry.team - an app to organize hassle-free bachelor(ette) parties.

👉 Master 2 Digital Project Management, 2016 Wrote a 140,000-character essay about the many ways APIs structure startup ventures.


👉 Mentor: Rails Girls, 2018 Explaining RoR basics and helping out ~20 women to start building their ideas.

Toute la team de la journée ! Fierté ! pic.twitter.com/j8ot0djqa0

— RailsGirls Paris (@RailsGirlsParis) June 16, 2018