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👋 Hey, I'm Remi. I'm a former stained-glass master turned software developer since 2018. I've always loved to share my learnings.

My first dev post, I published while still in a coding bootcamp. I usually get a kick out of coding, and a second kick out of writing about coding. It’s also the best way - for me - to give back to the community.

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If you’ve never read any of my posts, go check my technical blog. I know people appreciate my making complex topics easy to grasp. I’ve been writing professionally for more than a decade and covered some pretty impenetrable tech stuff.

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What people say about my posts

Well done @mercier_remi !

😂 "I mean, an acronym that declines into five acronyms, that decline into cryptic principles" https://t.co/9Ok7cC3GND

— Nicolas Zermati (@nicoolas25) December 7, 2021

Just finished listening to it, really liked hearing more about your path and what's driving you!

I'm used to working with feature flags as well but was interested in your approach, thanks for sharing 🤓 @mercier_remi https://t.co/2164LUzhEf

— Ségolène Alquier (@SegoleneAlquier) July 7, 2021

Thank you for a fantastic explanation of `git bisect` with some lovely diagrams. Have you also heard of `rspec bisect`. I'm waiting for that to run as I read your article.

— Rob Whittaker (@purinkle) November 3, 2021

TIL about scoped associations in #Rails. Super nice!https://t.co/7Aafe3bLC3

— Web-Crunch (@webcrunchblog) October 7, 2020

Git bisect is a great debugging tool, but it is often unknown. @mercier_remi did a great work to explain it 👍 https://t.co/6rt7rCjZJA

— Jeremy Bertrand (@NotGrm) October 20, 2021

Hahaha sounds great. Thanks for your answer, and btw love your medium newsletter🤩 (when I was more in touch with rails)

— Ariel (@ArielWaisburg) September 13, 2021

Great article 👏
And this gif 🤩

— Mathieu Fosse (@pointcom) March 22, 2021

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