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Fixing PGError: ERROR: column of relation already exists

How to fix a corrupted database's schema?

Meet your new friend: self

tl;dr: When you're new to coding, it's not always easy to know where the fuck you are in your code. Well, call the most unexpected friend to the rescue: self!

Own your story

When you put yourself out there, you get attention. Some of it is enjoyable. Some of it, not so much. It's not easy to keep your story straight.

WTF time complexity? 🤔

People who learn web development through coding bootcamp aren't (usually) familiar with time complexity. They might have read the words, but that's it. I know I tried to look up the Wikipedia page only to fall asleep at the end of the first paragraph. When I finally woke up, I thought "Nevermind, I'll never have to deal with it anyway". And boy, was I wrong.

#TIL: a daily recap of my first two months as a Ruby on Rails developer

From early April to early June, I attended Le Wagon Paris' fullstack coding bootcamp. Each day, I shared what I'd learned on Twitter. Wanna know what it feels like to dive into coding for 2 months for the first time?

Life After Bootcamp: Always Be Shipping

Last week was the 9th and final week of my Ruby on Rails Bootcamp at Le Wagon Paris. My buddies and I showed to the public what could be shipped in two weeks. A lot of great projects stood out that night. But now, it’s Monday morning. The excitement has worn off over the weekend, the many naps and the odd drinks. What shall I do?

Add Omniauth GitHub to Your Rails App on Top of Devise

As I’ve moved into the last three weeks of Le Wagon coding bootcamp, the need to authorize people to sign-up with GitHub quickly arise. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it when you already use Devise to handle authentification.

How to set-up a lead generation strategy for small businesses: do’s 👍 and don’ts 👎

You’re building a product that can be used on the Internet? Good for you! But then, the thought of finding customers start to creep in. Should you talk about it now? Later? Should build a marketing war machine? Should you play it safe? After a few years of generating demand for companies, here is the gist of what I believe to be the best bet.

How to make Open Data sexy: 10 lessons learned while building opendatainception.io

In June 2015, Nicolas Terpolilli and I were ranting about the difficulty to locate Open Data portals. Poor SEO seemed to result in poor rankings. Existing listings were either outdated or partisan. We started joking around with the idea of building a truly comprehensive resource. A resource that would gather every single Open Data portal we could lay our hands on.

What is an API?

Wrapping your head around APIs can be challenging for non-technical users. What’s an API? What can be share through an API? Data? Services? How does one design an API?How do you code an API?

Recruiting Your Next Marketing Talents? Give ’em a Technical Test

Over the past years, I’ve been invited to several interviews for marketing positions. Yet, I’ve not been asked a single time to do a marketing technical test. And you know what, this sucks!

C'est quoi une API ?

This is the French version on an article explaining to newbies what are APIs.