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Hello, fellow Ruby programmer. Looking for my Ruby posts and tutorials? You've come to the right place!

This is where I gather all the blog's entries about Ruby. There are currently 5 posts about Ruby in this series.

Build a minimal feature flags manager in under an hour

Feature flags (or feature toggles) are a neat way to hide in-progress features from your users. For those who need a simple on-and-off system, here's a minimal feature flag manager that'll take less than an hour to build, using plain Ruby objects, the Rails configuration, and some neat variables organization.

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Exploring dependency injection in Ruby

Classes depend on each other all the time. But the way you tie those classes together will determine how hard it is to change your code. Dependency injection can help you reduce that coupling and reduce your cost of change.

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Working with tempfiles in Ruby

A while back, I needed to create XML files, send them to a distant server and delete them once the transfer completed. This is when I discovered Tempfiles and rejoiced in using Ruby.

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An Introduction to Ruby classes and objects

When you start learning Ruby, you often hear that everything is - or evaluates as - an object. Here's an introduction for developers who want to get the gist of objects and classes in Ruby.

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Meet your new friend: self

tl;dr: When you're new to coding, it's not always easy to know where the fuck you are in your code. Well, call the most unexpected friend to the rescue: self!

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